Poultry&PigTecno is TRANSTECNO's gearmotor product line dedicated to farming industry (automatic feeding systems, opening/closing of windows, movement of feeding troughs, etc)


CM-CMP Wormgearmotors

Modularity is  the key factor of the CM range.  These gearboxes are also used for systems in the poultry sector. The various input and output kits make these gearboxes extremely versatile.

The gearmotor made up of a wormgearbox and three phase motor is used in screw feeding systems.Another example of an application where wormgearboxes are used is when the feeding  troughs have to be cleaned and repaired. Here a gearmotor is used to move and lift the troughs.

The wormgearmotor can also be used with a prestage unit for opening windows automatically in the poultry farm.  In this case, the wormgearboxes performance is optimised by the prestage unit without having to use a combination gearbox.